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Anti-Trump Protests Worldwide (and in Auld Reekie!)

January 30, 2017

Something is happening globally that hasn’t happened since the demonstrations against the 2003 Iraq War.

A recognition that American foreign policy is growing even more aggressive and belligerent, even in the cosy and sheltered parts of the world.

When you get thousands of Edinburgh citizens angry enough to march down the Royal Mile, an event set up barely 24 hours previously, you know that something is afoot.

And Donald Trump is the spark that ignited this popular resistance.

Amongst the Father Ted-inspired signs (“So you’re a racist now, Theresa?” and “Down with this sort of thing!” were personal favourites), there was a sense of unity, a collective anger pointed at the new POTUS. When you can cause reasonably well-heeled Edinburgh folk to leave their homes on a chilly January night, you know there has to be something powerful in the air.

And what was in the air was solidarity. Solidarity with those less fortunate than ourselves. Solidarity with the Muslim world, with those denied entry to the US for crimes they didn’t commit. Guilt-by-association logic within the Trump administration is being countered by a global consensus, a recognition that what Trump is espousing is several steps too far by any community’s standards.

Malcontents waving signs everywhere!

Photo credit: the intrepid Heather Parry. As quick with a camera as she is with a zinger.
Give her a follow to see more fantastic snaps of the march: @heatherparryuk

Who are we joining in this struggle?

Popular movements of indigenous populations around the world have been arguing that continued US policy is hugely detrimental to both their way of life and the existence of humanity in the long term.

It’s very promising to see Western nations united in demonstration against Trump’s hideous extension of these policies, a reminder of the popular resistance of the anti-war protests that shook the Blair/Bush axis.

What can we do when these protests are done?

Let’s stay alert on this. My advice would be to learn as much as possible about the effects of previous US discriminatory/expansionist policy and to see what we can learn from it. Apply that knowledge to this situation, whilst still keeping in mind Trump’s particularly unpleasant qualities.

Trump didn’t occur in a vacuum and he won’t be beaten in a vacuum. He’ll be beaten by an aware global citizenry uniting together in popular and connected movements.

Check your local unions. Check labour movements. Look online for sympathetic groups of friends/peers.

Good luck!

Event for Edinburgh

Come along to Scotland Against Trump | NO SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP on the 11th February! We’re marching to protest against Tory appeasement tactics, on a route from Conservative HQ in Edinburgh to the US Embassy.
Bring signs… It’s going to be emotional.

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